Administratively, the island is located between 02o 24 '36 "latitude and 107o 04' 12" N has an area of ​​253.12 ha ( Profile of Small islands in Central Bangka Regency and South Bangka Bangka Belitung Islands, 2004 ). 

Distance to the nearest island with a distance of 33.42 km Gelasa from from Cape bonded, the easternmost point in the island of Bangka. By using a local fishing boat from the village of Tanjung Bonded takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to the island. The island is surrounded by coral reef ecosystem condition evenly with varying thickness.  

Coast of the island there are many steep rocks and about 35% sandy beaches with coral reefs protect it. Around the island there are also several small islands and rocks with coral reef that surrounds it. 

Because coral reefs are very good, this island is a fishing area (fishing groud) fishermen from Cape region Bonded, Stone Beriga, Lubuk Large, Kurau, Pongok, Toboali, Belitung.
source: Potential Mapping of Coastal and Small Islands, Department of Marine and Fisheries, 2010

Crocodile is located in the Village of Barnacles with area of 5 ha. The number of crocodiles in captivity iniberjumlah ± 3.000 tail consisting of three types, namely Saltwater Crocodile, Alligator and Crocodile Water Chopsticks Tawar.Tempat is open to the public every day from 08:00 to 17:00. This location can be reached by using a two-or four-wheeled vehicles, also by public transport ie No public transportation. 7 with a distance of ± 27 km from the city center of Balikpapan.
Remains of Japanese cannon
Cannon relics Japanese Army hostel is located in the Hill, Village of New Ilir village (Sidodadi) with a distance of ± 8 km from the city center. This illustrates that the cannon chicago during World War II is a strategic place for the defense. This place has an area of 2,500 m2. This place can be seen from the city of Balikpapan, Balikpapan Kilnag Oil and bay. This location can be reached using public transportation No. And No. 5. 6.
Landscape Oil Refinery Balikapapan
Oil Refinery Balikpapan
Balikpapan oil refinery is located on the edge of the Balikpapan Bay, covering an area of 2.5 km2. The refinery consists of unit 1 and unit Refinery Balikpapan Balikpapan Refinery II. 1 Balikpapan refinery built since 1922 and was rebuilt in 1948 and began operation in 1950. While the Balikpapan Refinery II was built in 1980 and officially opened on 1 November 1983. Task Balikpapan refinery process crude oil into products ready for the market, namely fuel and non-fuel. that meets the needs of the country, especially in eastern Indonesia. Refinery located in Jl. Oil directly opposite the bay of Balikpapan.
Struggle Monument
Struggle Monument
The monument is located in the city center on Jl. Sudirman just in front of the Headquarters Office VI Tanjung Pura Military HQ. This monument depicts the struggle and courage of the people of Indonesia in the nation against invaders.
Wanawisata KM 10
The park is located at Km. 10 Jl. Soekarno Hatta ± 15 minutes by car from the city center of Aberdeen. This place adalahtaman Arboretum built by PT. Unit I INHUTANI Balikpapan. In the garden is planted various kinds of fruit trees and rare, there are also breeding Sambar (Servus unicolor) and tracks (track) to exercise jogging and camping in the open area with beautiful environment. This park is open every day and can be a vehicle with two wheels or four wheels, also available public transportation route number 8 for Rp. 1,200, -
Parks Bakapai
The park is located on Jl. Gen.. Sudirman in front of the PLN. In the middle of the park there is a statue / monument made ​​of stainless steel material depicting discharge of oil from the earth bursts. The statue of the fountain at night illumination powered by very beautiful. The location is perfect for relaxing with family.

Sungai Wain Protection Forest
Debt Sungai Wain Protection forest is one established by the Central Government as Protected Forest with a total area of 10 025 ha. Wain River along the 18,300 m with crystal clear water, there is a row in the left-right mangroves. Animal habitats contained in Sungai Wain Protection Forest ranging from fish, crabs, birds, monkeys, orangutans, and so forth. The use of the river as well as a source of clean water for Housing and Pertamina refinery in the city of Balikpapan.
Monument Australia
Monument is located on Jl. Gen.. Sudirman adjacent to the Strand beach Banua Patra has a total area of 725 m2 is a memorial as a mark of honor for the Australian Army (Division VII Australian troops) who died fighting the Japanese Army. The place is easily accessible by all types of vehicles or public transportation with the route number 6 and 3.
Beach manggar
Beach manggar
Manggar beach Segarasari
The beach with an area of 13,000 m2 with clear sea water, small waves and ripples of white sand, is a comfortable place for those who want to play, sailing and beach volleyball. It is now open to the public starting at 06:00 to 18:00, can be reached by private vehicle or public transportation number 7. The location of this beach is located in the Village manggar and Barnacles with 9 km distance from Sepinggan or 22 miles from downtown Aberdeen.
Beach Hammel
Teletak beaches on Jl. Gen.. Sudirman Tukung close to the island, a place where the trader sells a wide range of cuisine - a delicious drink with a relatively cheap price. Visitors can sit back and relax, dine on a mat while enjoying the waves and see the ships sailing, anchoring and being unloaded at seaports Semayang. This location is open starting at 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Parks Agro Tourism
The park was inaugurated on December 17, 1997 by former Vice President Tri Sutrisno. With an area of 100ha, located on Jl. Soekarno Hatta Km. 23. In the park, visitors can enjoy a tropical plant species. Besides, there is also a resort or picnic with facilities such as: House Length (Lamin) which is open to the shade with Dayak ornaments, camping places with natural scenery and Play Ground. It is now open to the public every day and can be visited by using a two-wheeled vehicle mapun four wheels, there is also a public transportation route No.. With a rate of $ 8. 2,500, -
Japanese Memorial
Located in the Village Lamaru ± 26 km from the city center. This monument is surrounded by beautiful forests and plantations. The monument is made ​​of stone with the inscription Kanki. Established as a mark of respect to the Japanese soldiers who died in World War II. Japanese tourists regularly visit these places at certain times to do homage to religious rituals.

If you would like to travel on the weekends, Bukit natural tourism area which is located in District Bangkirai Samboja may be a choice vacation with family, relatives or lovers. In this Bangkirai Hill neighborhood, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest and unspoiled even the birds chirping and the sounds of other forest animals can still be heard.
Not only that, the tourists who have been at the height of the problem may be trying to pursue a challenge canopy bridge or bridges connecting the canopy that hangs 5 Bangkirai tree. Surely there is an eerie feeling, but exciting when the drawbridge down at an altitude of 30 meters from ground level while the cool breeze chilling goosebumps enough, let alone getting the swinging bridge at the time we reached half way.

 But for those whose souls have no problems against height, canopy walk down the bridge really fun. From the top of the canopy bridge, tourists can freely view the panorama of tropical rain forest (tropical rain forest) Bangkirai Hill and observe the formation of close canopy stands "Dipteropcarpaceae" that is characteristic of tropical rain forests, which form the upper stratum continued mutually connect.
Overall length of the existing canopy bridge in Bukit Bangkirai is at about 64 meters which connects 5 Bangkirai tree. To reach the canopy bridge, there are two towers of ironwood trees surround Bangkirai established.
"Canopy existing bridge at Bukit Bangkirai is the first in Indonesia, both in Asia and the eighth in the world. Its construction made ​​in the USA, and also in terms of security is guaranteed." Ir Ruspian said Noor, an officer of PT INHUTANI I.
As a natural tourism area, a variety of facilities and infrastructure have been prepared for the tourists who come like a restaurant with a menu that is quite varied, Lamin for meetings that can accommodate 100 people, as well as cottage accommodation with facilities such as air conditioning and jugle cabin, the cottage is not equipped with electricity so that tourists who stay there to feel the atmosphere of the actual forest.
 Bangkirai Hill area which covers 1,500 hectares is forest conservation has an important role to develop the monument wet tropical forests that can be used as a means of environmental education and forestry.
Forest area tour aims to develop the potential of nature tourism and scientific research as well as increase the affection of environment and forests. On March 14, 1998, 510 hectares of the region declared a tourism area by Djamalludin Suryohadikusumo, the Minister of Forestry in Development Cabinet VI as an effort to develop the tourism potential of natural and scientific as well as to improve the environment, especially the love of flora and fauna.
Natural tourism area is named for the dominant tree hill Bangkirai Bangkirai types that grow in the protected forest areas. Bangkirai tree was then used as the primary mascot of the attractions that has worldwide. In this area there are many Bangkirai trees older than 150 years to reach a height of 40 to 50 m, with a diameter of 2.3 m. Growth buttresses (root board) makes a hefty This tree has a value of its own beauty.
Bangkirai hill located about 150 km from the city of Samarinda and Tenggarong or only about 58 km from the city of Balikpapan and 20 km from the capital of the District Samboja. To achieve this natural tourist area, tourists can adopt it by road using four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles.

Geographically, Bukit Bangkirai including lowland (lowland primary) "Dipterocarp forest" stable, so that the area used as a bird invasion of territory Region Tourism Bukit Soeharto Forest Park (about 30 km) and the surrounding areas affected by forest fires. From the observations that have been made, there are 113 species of birds that live in this Bangkirai Hill neighborhood.
The types of fauna in Bukit Bangkirai is Owa-Owa (Hylobates muelleri), monkey (Macaca nemestrina), Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytus rubicunda), Long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis), Wild Boar (Susvittatus), Flying Squirrel (Squiler ) and Sambar (Corvus unicolor) that have been bred.

One of the trees that have been adopted
Photo: Agri, 2003

Bangkirai Hill neighborhood is also rich in natural orchids that grow naturally on trees that are alive or dead. There are at least 45 types of orchids that can be found in this region, including the Black Orchid (Coelegyne pandurata) is very famous and became one of East Kalimantan mascot. In addition to the cultivation of natural orchids, also made ​​the development of orchid hybrids like Kala Orchids, Orchids Apple Blossom and Vanda Orchids. In addition to orchid gardens, nature tourism area is also equipped with an orchard area of 4 hectares.
To maintain the integrity and preservation of trees bangkirai in the region, the manager of the Mount Bangkirai Tree Adoption program offers to sponsors or donors to become "foster parents" for trees bangkirai desired. Currently adoption of these trees is mostly done by the JICA Japan VIVO. You are interested in adopting a tree? Come to Bukit Bangkirai, recreation while conserving nature
Derawan Island
A tropical paradise located in one region of the island province of East Kalimantan, Berau regency precisely and in the Strait of Sulawesi, not far from the border with Malaysia. Derawan island became a marine tourism destination choice for you who love the charming beach with soft white sand and clear water gleamed. Moreover, added bonus benign encounter turtles that swam merrily when we do the dive.
Sometimes while sitting on the end of a wooden bridge that leads to the sea, we can see the green turtles and fro on the surface of the clear water. Occasionally even the turtles that seem to roam around the cottage is located on the coast of the island. At nightfall, several turtles climbed ashore and lay their eggs there.
Alloy sea and moss colors produce stunning shades of blue and green, as well as a small forest in the middle, makes this island so beautiful natural scenery presents a pity to pass up. What remains, deep memories.

Dr.. Carden Wallace of the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Australia has examined marine wealth Derawan Island and found more than 50 types of Arcropora (marine animal) in one coral reef. No one seems if Derawan island famous as the third highest in the world as an international dive destination
The island is relatively less well known especially in the country due to its own struggle to achieve it took quite complicated. You must first go to Balikpapan from Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Denpasar, to reach this island. Approximately two hours of travel time from Jakarta to Balikpapan.
From Balikpapan, you still have to fly to Cape Redeb for an hour with a small plane that served by KAL Star, Deraya or DAS. In addition, Cape Redeb can also be reached by sea, with boarded the ship from Samarinda or Tarakan to Tanjung Redeb followed by renting a motorboat to the island Derawan with long travel approximately 2 hours.
Map Derawan Island

Many foreigners fresh off the plane at the airport Kalimarau, Cape Redeb Derawan rushed to the island by motorboat which was moored at a specific port.
Another alternative could be through land route from Balikpapan to Tanjung Batu and from there crossed over to the island Derawan. Only this is not a good choice because of travel crossing itself takes up to a dozen hours with relatively unpleasant terrain.
Even so, you know, just a lot of foreign tourists who already know more about the existence of this exotic island. A number of Japanese tourists through travel from Tokyo who was there "Slapshot" go to Singapore or to Sabah then continue the trip to Aberdeen, then to Cape Redeb using small aircraft.
They utilize their time during the Derawan with diving, along the underwater beauty of the island which indeed is the best location for diving. Moreover, the condition of the remote islands and "virgin" increasingly add charm anyone to enjoy it as long as possible.

Not be far away, just 50 meters from the shoreline, we already can see the beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish back and forth. The water is very clear. You can rent a snorkel for Rp 30 thousand per day. If you want to dive deeper, we can find the fish are more "exotic" such as grouper, red fish, Kurisi, barracuda fish, sea urchins, and clams. On the rocks at a depth of ten meters, there is a reef known as "Trigger Blue Wall" because of the reef with a length of 18 meters is a lot of trigger fish (red-toothed trigger fishes).
Derawan provide base facilities (cottages), rental of diving equipment as well as a restaurant. There is also a low-cost lodges run by local people. Range of prices ranging from Rp 45 thousand to Rp 100 thousand / night.
Still not satisfied?
You can also review the other islands located around Derawan. For example: Charitable Island, Maratua, and Kakaban which has its own uniqueness. Pari Fish Blue (Manta Rays) which has a width of up to 3.5 meters in Charitable Island population. In fact can also be found-if lucky enough, black stingray with wide "wingspan" 6 meters. While Kakaban have uniqueness in the form of a prehistoric lake that is in the middle of the ocean, the only one in Asia.

Kelayang tourist beach of  Tanjung is one of the beach attractions found in the District Sijuk.  
This place has always been a favorite destination of tourists. Distance from City Centre Tanjung Kelayang Tanjungpandan 27 km, there is an interesting thing about this beach is, clearly visible amid a sea stone Garuda Bird's Head, the mascot of Cape Coast following Kelayang diversity lies the stone positions that seem unique and interesting.  

Every year in October the coast of Cape Kelayang be the center point of the sailing ship moored yachter incorporated in Sail Indonesia
On the beach there are tourist cottages Cape Kelayang building adapted to the natural conditions as a tourist spot and stay there overnight. Besides, it had been standing amphitheaters, an imposing building that can be used for performing arts and other activities.
Pulau Gusung Asam
Pulau Gusung Asam is located on the east side of the Pulau Ketawai. When viewed using GPS, the island is located at coordinates 02o 15 '25 "latitude and 106o 20' 24" longitude. Is only about 1.5 km from the Pulau Ketawai. Therefore, this island is clearly visible from the Pulau Ketawai. Called Gusung probably because there Gusung on this island. Gusung in the local language is a result of the sedimentation of sand cluster. The clusters arise (visible) at low tide and drown when high tides.
 This indicates that the waters around Gusung are shallow waters. If we pass to the island Gusung Acid laughs Island, then we will find two Gusung before and after this island.

Although it covers only about half of the Pulau Ketawai, but the island is inhabited island population more than laughs. On the island there are about 15 Gusung acid KK, it is not much, but the fishermen are residents of this island. Fishermen on the island are the majority of fishermen Gusung acid traps. They catch fish by using a trap of their own making or sometimes imported from other regions such as Kurau and cape mountain. The Bubu they plug in the coral reef. Fish would thus obtained are reef fish such as grouper economically valuable, yellow tail, signs of fish, fish ketarap, up snapper
Coral Reefs (Coral Reef) on the island of coral reef ecosystems Gusung acid in acid condition Gusung Island including the medium category. Coral reefs cover around 30-40%. Coral cover with hose value is included in the medium category. Reefs located not far away from the island. Is about 200-300 meters away from the island.

Coral only found on the east and south of the island. This indicates that coral surrounding the island. West side there seagrass ecosystems and many overgrown by seaweed. While to the north is not found coral reefs and seagrass beds, but only sand with clear blue water. The cause of the low number of coral cover in the island as many coral covered by macroalgae and microalgae. In addition it was also found that some types of seaweed (seaweed) that compete in these habitats.

This led to competition in the habitat of living is quite high. In coral reef ecosystems is mostly found Tridacna types whose size is still small. Tridacna lived betwen stone or rock crevice. Because coral cover is relatively small, the diversity of fish and biota was relatively small anyway. Not many species of fish and marine biota typical of those found on coral reefs in the Pulau Gusung Asam.

Fish encountered was relatively small in size. With the discovery of several types of seaweed around the island is in fact indicate that the island has the potential to be developed as an area of seaweed farming in the future. Additionally, if coral cover well so that fish diversity was high. Then, with a very beautiful island coupled with coral reefs that lie beautiful. Conceivably this place will be an area for marine tourism potential to be developed.
Indonesia  Beaches
Indonesia is known as one of the country surrounded by the islands, making Indonesia a country that coined the beautiful beaches and earned the nickname as the state with the fourth-longest coastline in the world after America, Canada and Rusia.Panjang coastline along Indonesia recorded 95 181 km.ada one of the islands in Indonesia especially in the province of  Bangka is famous for its beautiful beaches besides beaches in Bali .

Pantai Parai Tenggiri

  • Pantai Parai Tenggiri  is a beach located in the area Matras, Sungailiat, Bangka Belitung. This beach is often used as a tourist attraction and is famous for its granite rocks with various kinds of sizes. Facilities include hotels, outbound as well as water sports games.
    Matras Beach
  • Matras Beach
  • Matras Beach is a beach located in the village of New Light, Clay River District. The beach is often dubbed as the paradise beach for its beauty.

Pantai Tanjung Pesona

  • Pantai Tanjung Pesona
  • The charm of Cape Coast is one of the favorite attractions society Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung province. This beautiful beach is located in the village of Rambak, District Sungailiat, Bangka Island. The beach which is about 9 kilometers from the city Sungailiat is in the midst of other beautiful beaches that the Gulf Coast and Coastal Uber Rat.
Pasir Padi Beach

  • Pasir Padi Beach
  • Pasir Padi Beach is 7 km from the capital Pangkalpinang KepulauanBangka Belitung province. Pasir Padi Beach this is the only area. Travel to the beach, of course you are looking for is water and the waves. However, in Pangkalpinang, the Pacific Islands, there Pasir Padi Beach is the most famous beach in Pangkalpinang. Sand Rice is one of the charming satupantai in Bangka Island. Located in the village of Air Itam, Pangkalpinang.
Pantai Tanjung Ru Sadai

  • Pantai Tanjung Ru Sadai
  • ru cape coast south of Cape Coast Sadai farts Ru Sadai Coast South Bangka Bangka Belitung. Beach ... Other Locations in South Bangka • Leaf Stone Beach. South Bangka Sadai ulcer is a district in South Bangka regency, ... Islands in the Pacific Islands, such as beach Sadai, Ru cape coast, cape coast
Pantai Tanjung Kerasak

  • Pantai Tanjung Kerasak
  • Kerasak Cape Coast is located approximately 20 km from the city Toboali, a white sandy beach and clear water and calm. Around the coast of Cape Coast Kerasak located in White Sand Village Located approximately 30 km from Toboali that can be traveled during a 1 hour drive.
Pantai Gunung Namak

  • Pantai Gunung Namak
  • Namak Mountain Beach has similar characteristics to other beaches in the Pacific, has a granite mountain besarPantai Namak which is approximately 18 km from the city Toboali, will be fantastic not because the sand is not white also for its clear water beach lined Mount Namak has granite rocks boldly decorate large beach that has become the hallmark of its own for.
Pantai Tanjung Kalian

  • Pantai Tanjung Kalian
  • Cape Coast guys, which is approximately 9 km from the city Muntok, a tourist area adjacent to the port of Cape Coast guys in Indonesia, Bangka-Belitung Islands, West Bangka, Mentor (Muntok), Tanjung. You Cape Coast is about 9 km from.
Pantai Tanjung Ular

  • Pantai Tanjung Ular
  • Cape Coast Snakes are approximately 15 km from the city Muntok, meander along the 5 km like a snake. So far there is no facility for no less then travel to the beach has never escaped the minds of the public. Now we review the Cape Snake is in the Pacific Beach
Pantai Matras
Matras Beach is located in the Village of New Light, District Sungailiat which is about 7 km from Sungailiat City to the north. This beach has a very easy access because there are smooth asphalt roads and wide, so that all types of vehicles can enter the location to the beach. The condition is quite beautiful and attractive beaches, white sand and ramps along 3 miles from the south end to the north end with a backdrop of coconut trees. There is a river whose streams make up the pool. The width of the beach is about 20 -30 meters. from gate to Matras Beach, there are several booths beach access is quite difficult though but it has a nice beach panorama with giant granite boulders decorate.

In the area Matras Beach resort has built a lot of simple bungalows. In the vicinity of the beach, there are several hotels, lodging, service tour / travel, and entertainment venues. There are also centers selling souvenirs and traditional foods of Bangka like kemplang roast, fish crackers, bridge fish / squid, rusip, belacan / ly, pepper powder, and so on. Activities to do is enjoy the beach scenery, enjoy a unique culinary Bangka, as well as other coastal nature activities.