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Republic of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta is a huge city and the metropolitan area has a population of over 9 million people. Jakarta is located in the national government and the provincial government headquarters in Greater Jakarta. In this case, the National Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. Thus, the country's commercial and financial city. Located in the center of economic and political development, such as convergence of people from all over Indonesia, attracts people from all walks of life. Indonesia Jakarta is the center of contemporary music and sound, and the dynamic center of the creative industry in Indonesia. No wonder, then, that what happens in Jakarta national importance and therefore, in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia, in modern history and modern life.

Jakarta, Indonesia, which declared its independence on August 17, 1945, the Risorgimento movement in 1908, and the youth movement against colonialism since 1928. Jakarta was, despite the reform movement in Indonesia began in 1997. Batavia Jakarta was the site of the Dutch Company of the East Indies, VOC, and later the colonial government, as the Dutch East Indies.

Located on the northern coast of the western part of the island of Java, in the Greater Jakarta area today for a total of six municipalities, including the center of Merdeka Square, Jakarta, and the elite residential area of ​​Menteng, South Jakarta, including districts and Kebayoran Bintaro, West Jakarta, the first city, the highest building in Jakarta, the hotel was built in East Jakarta, Indonesia Miniature Park, Jakarta and several industrial areas north of the shopping center and Pleasure Beach in Ancol Dreamland Jakarta islands, and Thousand Islands, located about 76 idyllic islands in the Bay of Jakarta.

Today the building is booming in the city. Luxury Super Car Super Center win a great brand. Luxury apartments are equipped with a pool, a shopping and entertainment center for residents to enjoy. And that goes from one side of the city, the government built the streets, and is the most active center of Jakarta, but you can be sure that during peak hours on the road safely.

In fact, there are many things to see and do in Jakarta. But the road to Jakarta difficult because the population density of cars and motorcycles. The best advice for visitors to the hotel for a stay in an area where you spend most of your time at conferences and business meetings, shopping and exhibitions, while the time to visit the city and enjoy the scenery in other daily losses.

The population density of Jakarta. And 'possible, therefore, luxury apartments, and a chain of sand along the road and bus rental bulk state-of-the-art. But the city is bustling and busy during the day and late into the night.

Here you will find a restaurant serving regional and international cuisine in the archipelago, ranging from upscale restaurants are all participants. There are also several golf courses in the city where Indonesian and foreign entrepreneurs to spend the weekend.

Jakarta Nightlife strange. Club Hotel, first class hotel, and offers a range of opportunities for independent music and dance. The annual International Java Jazz Festival Jazz fans. Indonesia's best bands and singers of all stars live in this great city.

Jakarta is a great place for shopping and compete with the many choices and prices in stores around the world, including Singapore and Hong Kong. Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Pacific Place, some of the numerous luxury shops of the city. While the negotiations, the largest mall Tanah Kelapa Gading and Mangga Dua Abangan of my favorite places. Annual turnover Jakarta offers discounts to attract customers in the provinces and in South Asia.

The streets of Jakarta, Thamrin Sudirman. Indonesian central bank, Bank Indonesia, and most of the big banks. Thamrin Sudirman separated from the central source of the roundabout, which are the most representative buildings across Indonesia and Wisma Nusantara, the first skyscraper in Jakarta cool. Today, the Hotel Indonesia circle to the desired location of events, only the constant traffic. Along the main road, some of the best hotels in Jakarta.

During Sudirman Senayan Sports Center is located at the sports complex was built, the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, in 1962, and Ganefo (emerging powers), and keep the reason for the construction of the road Sudirman-Thamrin. Here is the Jakarta Convention Center, the primary site of international conferences and exhibitions.

Sudirman-Thamrin avenue leading Merdeka Square, the center of which is a national monument, which houses the fly red, white before the Declaration of Independence August 17, 1945 This indicator is gone, now celebrate the day "flag of independence is removed, but the answer can only flags flying in front of Merdeka Palace. history books 137 meters high obelisk-shaped field and Flame, 14, 5 meters indoors and 32 leaves gilded bronze. pedestal in a museum diorama shows the struggle for independence from Indonesia, and the original text of the Declaration of Independence. An elevator takes visitors to the observation deck at the bottom of the big picture Flame in Jakarta.

Around the Monument Park is now a source of music, sports and public recreation in Jakarta on Sunday. Deer roam the park with many trees.

Merdeka Square, the center of the main public buildings. The Dutch period was the center of government, and the king cried Royale. On the north side is dominated by the Merdeka Palace once the home of the Dutch Governor General, which now houses the offices of the President and the Government. South of the town, in Jakarta, Indonesia deputy governor of the province and the seat of Parliament, where the U.S. Embassy and the National Museum of the West, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Indonesia Indosat building against international telecommunications.

Beyond Merdeka Square is the largest Dutch colonial buildings built in the nineteenth century in Neoclassical style around until Banteng Lapangan Banteng, the Ministry of Finance, today neo-Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral near Sancta Ursula school girls, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Imanuel protestant church, unlike the main train station in Jakarta Gambir.

All roads in the Cathedral of Jakarta's largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque. Nearby is the concert hall, but also a shopping center known as Pasar Baru colonial style as desired the Dutch elite rich. Dutch Batavia in the 18th century was known as the "Queen of the East".

Behind the presidential palace in the north channel of the files in the old building in Batavia, the Society of the Netherlands East Indies, built centuries VOC Governor General Peter Coen They Jan. 17 in this case, the renovation preserved historic city overlooking the city or municipality in the Jakarta History Museum. Located in the main square is paved, now called Fatahillah Fatahillah by Sultan, the founder of the former Dutch port of arrival, died at the scene June 22, 1527 and was renamed Jayakarta, the city of Victoria. The buildings around the square, where a large Dutch Government, now museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum Wayang.

To access the old port of Sunda Kelapa called the golden age of clove, nutmeg Far East of the store, black pepper, sandalwood, silk and so on. Here you can enjoy majestic Bugis schooners anchored Phinisi people know that a lot of property to the rear of the archipelago. Nearby is the old warehouses where now the Maritime Museum.

Today, the old Batavia Jakarta area is mainly in China, but most are now fully renovated, air-conditioned shopping malls and hotels.

Other important areas of Central Jakarta Jalan Gatot Subroto, where the headquarters of the European Parliament and of Indonesia Jalan Rasuna Said, the location of most foreign embassies.

Jakarta, but scattered in all directions and the city is now connected with a group of homes sold separately, the most important documents in an area of ​​the city.

A complete description of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Indonesia Indonesia Miniature Park or visit Bella (link TMII s) located in East Jakarta, which is available on the street. The first exhibition in the Indonesian archipelago throughout the house, each with a unique architectural style. There is also a spectacular IMAX 3D. Orchid lovers will not miss the Orchid Garden.

Beach vacation together, residents and tourists Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta weight on the north side of the city. It is a large complex of several Seaworld, or names in a fantasy world Duni Dufan Fantast, including boat trips around the world, is a boy. There is also a large swimming pool, sand, a wave pool and slides fully implemented on a roller coaster, and a torpedo. This resort is located in hotels, restaurants and conference facilities.

Jakarta is a complete zoo is full of rich fauna of the archipelago. Located Ragunan enjoy the paradise of birds, lizards, Komodo, orangutans and many snakes. The zoo also has a section devoted to the gorilla. Jakarta Zoo is a favorite family vacation.


Jakarta, the capital, has a fascinating history. There are many different aspects of color in the history of the city and its people. V century, ships from China and Champa (Vietnam), and all the islands of the archipelago docked at the mouth of the Ciliwung River. Indian and Portuguese traders also visited this small town. Java Marine spices in the Moluccas is determined. Almost everyone in the East and the West, which traces the mixed flavor of Jakarta. More than a century later, the port became a center of international trade. At the time of the 17th century and beginning of the 18 ships along the Ciliwung River. South of the bridge, the harbor, once inhabited by Sunda Kelapa stretched along both sides of the river, less than 12 years of the 15th century and early this century.

Probe hat was the main port of Sunda Hindu kingdom. It is the capital of the kingdom Pajajaran Paku river two days ago, now Bogor. Boats often visited this port Tanjungpura Palembang, Malacca, Maccasar and Madura, and traders from India and southern China. Sunda Kelapa exported include pepper, rice and gold.

In 1513, the first European fleet, four Portuguese ships under the command of Alvin, arrived in Sunda Kelapa from Malacca. Malacca was taken two years ago, Alfonso de Albuquerque. They were in search of spices, especially pepper and well organized in this port city. A few years later, the Portuguese hats Enrique Leme visited Sunda gift to the king. E 'was well received and August 21, 1522 friendship treaty signed between the Kingdom of Sunda and Portugal. The Portuguese have the right to refuse (stock), and the construction of a hat. This area is considered the Sundanese as a consolidation of the situation of Muslim sultanate ground equipment DEMA Central Java.

In memory of this Agreement, the big stone, said Padraig, died a few years ago. E 'was discovered in 1918 during excavation for a new home for the region and Nelayan cengkeh Kota Timur corner. Padraig is now in the National Museum of Medan Merdeka Barat street. The original location of the stone suggests that the coastline of the 16th century, almost in a straight line, indicating the presence of Nelayan road, about 400 meters south of the tower is formed. Poll of the king was the cause of the high risk, high DEMA Islamic states that teams threatened in the second door Banten (west of Jakarta). He felt the pressure probe and had no influential friends. The king hoped the Portuguese quickly and helps protect the important port city. But it was too late. In 1527, the Muslim leader Fatahillah published before 1452 military caps and Dema Cirebon.

According to some historians, this victory in 1527 led Fatahillah Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta rename it "a lot" or "complete victory" means. With this victory, Jakarta June 22, 1527, the day the city name Fatahillah victory Sundanese Hindus and Portuguese sailor. Jayawikarta Prince, a follower of the Sultan of Banten lived on the west coast of the Ciliwung River, which is the 17th century, the starting point, the idea of ​​the circle. This led to the military post at the mouth of the river and the Dutch, who in 1610 was in a forest, and a number of houses on the east coast to check. Dutch ships were Jayakarta in 1596. The prince tried to follow these unruly guests.

For now, the Dutch prince Jayawikarta allowed the British to a house on the west bank of the Ciliwung River in 1615, the Dutch construction. Prince Breton mailbox allow in their own strength. Jayawikarta supported the British because of the threat of weapons Dutch during construction. In December 1618, the tense relations between the Netherlands and Prince Jayawikarta climbing. Jayawikarta soldiers besieged the Dutch fortress with two drop-down menus, or in Nassau and Mauritius. The British fleet consists of 15 ships arrived. The fleet, under the leadership of Sir Thomas Dale, the former governor of the colony of Virginia, now known as the State of Virginia in the United States.

The British admiral was old and indecisive. After the battle, the new Dutch governor Jan Pieter Soon Coon (1618) found support Maluku refugees. Meanwhile, the commander of the Dutch army was stopped when the process is running, because he felt betrayed Jayawikarta Dutch. Then the prince friendship with the British and the agreement Jayawikarta.

Transfer the Netherlands, the British Army in 1619, when the Sultan of Banten soldiers and setting Jayawikarta sent the prince called the British connection was closed without prior authorization, Banten. Conflict and the ruler of Banten Banten Jayawikarta and strained relations between the Dutch and the British weakened enemy. Jayawikarta Prince moved to Tana and died Banten. The sense of relief and Dutch tried to close his place of Banten. The Dutch fort and garrison soldiers recruited in Japan, Germany, Scotland, Denmark and Belgium for the event to highlight. They are named after the fort of Batavia remember Batavier ethnic groups, the Dutch ancestor. Called Jayakarta Batavia over 300 years.

The relationship of JP Coen, Dutch army attacked and destroyed the palace and the city Jayakarta May 30, 1619, there were remains of Jakarta except Padraig stone, preserved in the National Museum in Jakarta. The Jayakarta Pulau Gadung able to mourn. If the top of the Menara Shahbandar and look around, you can see the beautiful scenery of the oldest districts of Batavia enjoy. Of course, you can enjoy the rest of the city and Jayakarta Sunda Kelapa. Dutch fortress or castle was destroyed. Is the 17th century. Almost all traces of trade and navigation.

Shahbandar tower was built in 1839 to replace the old wooden pier on the river side. Pole and Tower, the officers observed signs of boat anchor. The tower is used in weather stations. The west tower, you can see the current screen Bahari Museum. The museum building is very old and the Dutch architectural firm. The museum presents a series of maps of the city, the state of development of the city. The museum is part of the so-called Serbian Dutch West Side warehouse (Warehouse Here on the west coast. Should nutmeg, pepper, coffee, tea, and is widely used in a clothing store.

The area around the tower was the center of Kota Shahbandar Batavia. It was the center of the distribution network of sales agents reaching Deshima (Nagasaki) in Japan, Persia and Surat Cape Town in South Africa. Inter-Asia is a lucrative trade between Asia and Europe. Pass and sun (fish market), grown once. This is the origin of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, where it comes from.


Available in two Jakarta International Airport. The main commercial airport Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia-bar grille arrival concept, but a different domain, and Halim Perdanakusumah airport, what was once an air base, but today the arrival of dignitaries and heads of state. Several domestic airlines serve the entire archipelago Soekarno-Hatta, a direct link with regional international destinations. Passengers and other cities in Java, especially in Bandung.

There are many taxis in Jakarta to stay in hotels and shopping centers, or you can call. To avoid congestion, Jakarta with the Trans-Jakarta bus, popularly known as Busway, fast delivery, as the exclusive bar. Unfortunately, only a busway ways. Cruises are often prion Jakarta Tanjung Marina.

Destinations on the island of Java, in the plane, we often find the Gambir train station, the main railway station. That tourists by bus or by car, from left to right.

For more information on Jakarta, Jakarta Enjoy your visit, the official website of Jakarta.

People and culture

In the V century, this area was an important trading port in Jakarta. The people of Java, but also in Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and traders in China, India and the Middle East came to settle here, a little'' is an exclusive gated community, including the integration of a new community, now known as the Betawi ethnic group of the population of Jakarta.

In today's culture, Betawi, chain reactions suggested shores for centuries. A long process of selectively borrowing and a combination of traditional Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch authorities Betawi culture colored compound. The "Betawi", the "Batavia" is the name of this town is the Dutch administrator.

The arrival of new people in Indonesia, especially after independence and the appointment of Jakarta, the capital, although the Betawi people are present only in certain pockets of the city. Most Betawis rent, or life on earth. Betawi people Pasanggerahan unconditional defense of water and air pollution and the spread of urban industrialization. The child Betawi icon called "Ondel-Ondel the" parade at weddings and circumcisions.

It is significant that the marriage, which is the sun. Everyone is invited, where you can enjoy the music, dance and film final Betawi enjoy all the bananas, peanuts and hot tea.

Red dress of the bride is clearly inspired by the Chinese wedding celebration edge of the face, while the other part of the wedding dresses are inspired by Indian and Arab influences.

Betawi people are familiar. Democratic'm simple, open and cheerful, but can be difficult to carry. Therefore, the Betawi dialect and expressions are very popular among today's youth in Indonesia, is widely used on television, the daily life of the dialects spoken in Indonesia today.

Original lifestyle Betawi traditional Setu Srengseng Sawah CHILDREN south of Jakarta. The traditional Betawi lenong conference (play), and Topeng dance (mask) regularly. The traditional house built in 1920, which is often used for film locations. The best time for children Setu, June and July, when the festival is held every year to visit.

In these places outside Jakarta residents essentially modern and very stylish. If a Muslim woman with veil in the "jilbab" in hair. But Indonesia is not a serious black jilbab is used in the Middle East. Elegant dress with a color cover, color coordinated from head to toe, with high heels, a purse and a veil and well furnished. However, a personal choice in jilbab conviction. Others are "fair" to carry.

The Kain-kebaya is essential to adjust formal occasions, while men wear trousers and a long sleeved shirt or shirt and tie color. The recognition of UNESCO World Heritage batik, batik clothing became popular during the day or night, office wear and special days.

As a melting pot of different ethnic groups in Indonesia, Jakarta, where the best expressions of contemporary art in Indonesia. Here are pictures and galleries Indonesia, conductors, classical music concerts held in Jakarta Symphony Orchestra, concerts and fashion popular regular programs and offers a variety of shopping malls, art exhibitions and products nationwide.

Foreign embassies, including the Netherlands, France, Japan and the cultural center, which offers concerts, plays, films and speakers from different countries.


The melting pot of peoples and cultures, Jakarta is an ideal way to satisfy your palate. The natives are called Betawi and simple but tasty dishes have become a favorite of many Indonesians and foreigners. Try Soto Betawi (soup), sold Warung - Coffee - fancy restaurants. If you think the weather is very hot in Jakarta, test campur - ice mixed with fruit syrup and milk!

Other traditional dishes could be anywhere, "and international dishes.

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