Thursday, October 3, 2013

Indonesia - Top 10 shopping destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful place to buy great discoveries and interesting articles you find here . There are many shopping destinations and here are the top 10 favorite places to shop and visit this beautiful country :

1.South Jakarta - along the JI Sultan Agung where almost everything. L ' last of the commercial sector is where many customers here make the place very busy and crowded with many people. As incredible as clothing, jewelry and others here are sold at very low prices.

2. Ubud - Bali is a place of great handmade jewelry and decorative accessories really find. All are welcome to explore. Great discoveries and great price negotiable

3. Kuta - the streets of Kuta , Indonesia has a number of shops and stalls selling clothes and accessories at a very affordable and economical. There are also fun and interesting animals to find what appears to be a gift for your loved ones at home.

4.Star Disc Music center - where the latest in the music industry and are all kinds of popular music from local and international musicians . There are wide range of choices that you can find that every music bite here .

5. Bali - a major shopping destination in Indonesia, where you can find many large animals . And ' advisable for the customer to bring huge bags to carry your items you buy, because there are certainly many exhibitions here .

6. Manga Dua - a place in Indonesia, where the vast complex of buildings such as shopping malls and department stores are generally located . And ' one of the best places to shop in the whole of Indonesia , plus we offer the lowest prices in town.

7. Malioboro - where are the best finds of silver and metal bird cages.

8. Legian - also a great place for many products and accessories store and is full of salespeople have many options.

9. Grand Indonesia - it is a very impressive building , which is very spacious for one to make purchases . There are many stalls in the building and provides a pretty good finds.

10. Mall of Indonesia - where the famous brand named items are . This is where the majority of Indonesians store to ensure that your products and high quality products to buy.

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