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7 tourist spot famous beach in the Bangka Belitung

Indonesia  Beaches
Indonesia is known as one of the country surrounded by the islands, making Indonesia a country that coined the beautiful beaches and earned the nickname as the state with the fourth-longest coastline in the world after America, Canada and Rusia.Panjang coastline along Indonesia recorded 95 181 km.ada one of the islands in Indonesia especially in the province of  Bangka is famous for its beautiful beaches besides beaches in Bali .

Pantai Parai Tenggiri

  • Pantai Parai Tenggiri  is a beach located in the area Matras, Sungailiat, Bangka Belitung. This beach is often used as a tourist attraction and is famous for its granite rocks with various kinds of sizes. Facilities include hotels, outbound as well as water sports games.
    Matras Beach
  • Matras Beach
  • Matras Beach is a beach located in the village of New Light, Clay River District. The beach is often dubbed as the paradise beach for its beauty.

Pantai Tanjung Pesona

  • Pantai Tanjung Pesona
  • The charm of Cape Coast is one of the favorite attractions society Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung province. This beautiful beach is located in the village of Rambak, District Sungailiat, Bangka Island. The beach which is about 9 kilometers from the city Sungailiat is in the midst of other beautiful beaches that the Gulf Coast and Coastal Uber Rat.
Pasir Padi Beach

  • Pasir Padi Beach
  • Pasir Padi Beach is 7 km from the capital Pangkalpinang KepulauanBangka Belitung province. Pasir Padi Beach this is the only area. Travel to the beach, of course you are looking for is water and the waves. However, in Pangkalpinang, the Pacific Islands, there Pasir Padi Beach is the most famous beach in Pangkalpinang. Sand Rice is one of the charming satupantai in Bangka Island. Located in the village of Air Itam, Pangkalpinang.
Pantai Tanjung Ru Sadai

  • Pantai Tanjung Ru Sadai
  • ru cape coast south of Cape Coast Sadai farts Ru Sadai Coast South Bangka Bangka Belitung. Beach ... Other Locations in South Bangka • Leaf Stone Beach. South Bangka Sadai ulcer is a district in South Bangka regency, ... Islands in the Pacific Islands, such as beach Sadai, Ru cape coast, cape coast
Pantai Tanjung Kerasak

  • Pantai Tanjung Kerasak
  • Kerasak Cape Coast is located approximately 20 km from the city Toboali, a white sandy beach and clear water and calm. Around the coast of Cape Coast Kerasak located in White Sand Village Located approximately 30 km from Toboali that can be traveled during a 1 hour drive.
Pantai Gunung Namak

  • Pantai Gunung Namak
  • Namak Mountain Beach has similar characteristics to other beaches in the Pacific, has a granite mountain besarPantai Namak which is approximately 18 km from the city Toboali, will be fantastic not because the sand is not white also for its clear water beach lined Mount Namak has granite rocks boldly decorate large beach that has become the hallmark of its own for.
Pantai Tanjung Kalian

  • Pantai Tanjung Kalian
  • Cape Coast guys, which is approximately 9 km from the city Muntok, a tourist area adjacent to the port of Cape Coast guys in Indonesia, Bangka-Belitung Islands, West Bangka, Mentor (Muntok), Tanjung. You Cape Coast is about 9 km from.
Pantai Tanjung Ular

  • Pantai Tanjung Ular
  • Cape Coast Snakes are approximately 15 km from the city Muntok, meander along the 5 km like a snake. So far there is no facility for no less then travel to the beach has never escaped the minds of the public. Now we review the Cape Snake is in the Pacific Beach

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